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Clinical Application

Lasers in Gynecology

The CO2 laser is widely used in gynecology. It has been most effective in the treatment of intraepithelial cervical neoplasia. Tissue healing is superior to that observed with other destructive modalities. The laser is also useful in the treatment of vaginal lesions because relatively inaccessible sites can be treated by allowing reflection of the beam through the use of mirrors. The laser has also been used intra-abdominally primarily for adhesiolysis, fimbrioplasty, tubal reanastomosis an

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Laser application in obstetrics and gynecology

For the last 20years,laser technology has evolved as an important tool in surgical treatment and itis wide lyused in gynecology and obstetrics. Especially in the treatment of vulvar and benign and premalignant cervical dysplasias it can be considered as the gold standard. In prenatal medicine,laser coagulation of placenta vessels has been shown to be superior to any other intrauterine therapy of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome in monochorionic twin pregnancies. However,not all expectations

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