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Clinical Application

Versatility of an 810nm Diode Laser in Dentistry

In conclusion, research has proven that the 810 nm is the premier wavelength available in today's dental diode laser systems when considering the versatility of the system. It can be used for a variety of procedures which are routinely carried out in a modern dental practice, including a multitude of soft tissue procedures, such as soft tissue surgery, periodontal therapy as well as being an efficient tool for use in implantology, endodontics and tooth whitening. When compared to "classical"

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Low level lasers in dentistry

Therapeutic lasers generally operate in the visible and the infrared spectrum, 600-900 nm wavelength. However, other wavelengths such as the Nd:YAG at 1064 nm and even the carbon dioxide laser at 10600 nm have been successfully used in laser therapy.

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Lasers in Endodontics

This paper describes and discusses the use of the Nd:YAG and diode lasers in endodontics. Clinical studies clearly show advantages of laser treatments over currently-used conventional methods and techniques. The most important advantages are improved disinfection efficacy, more effective root canal cleaning, reduction of permeability, reduction of micro-leakage, and elimination of the need to use toxic solvents.

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