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Clinical Application

Laser desensitization

Keywords: Dental hypersensitivity, desensitization

Clinical Application:
Laser desensitization.
Related Keywords:
Dental hypersensitivity, desensitization
Medical device:
CHEESE 7W 810nm or 980nm
CHEESE 4W 810nm or 980nm
Power setting:
3 watt CW
400um bare fibers
Introduction and Operation procedure:
Desensitization is a painful condition that originates from the exposure of dentinal tubuli
when the thickness of the enamel or cement is significantly reduced. Usually the exposed
area is subjected to several kinds of stimuli (cold, air pressure, drying, sugar, sour and force
acting on the tooth), resulting in sharp acute pain.
Put the 400um bare fiber in the dental surgery handpiece, set the laser parameter and get
the laser ready.
You could irradiate the laser to the sensitive teeth, the patients will feel the pain stop
immediately when the laser found the sensitive point. Treat the sensitive teeth for a while till
the patient feel warm inside the teeth.

1 Immediately pain stop when use the laser.
2 Laser therapy without surgery.
Decide the irradiation times according to the tooth conditions of patient.

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