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Clinical Application

Saphenous Laser Ablation at 1470nm laser

Keywords: Saphenous laser ablation, Endovenous laser ablation, Diode 1470nm

Clinic Application: Saphenous Laser Ablation at 1470nm laser
Related Keywords: Saphenous laser ablation, Endovenous laser ablation, Diode 1470nm laser.
Medical Device: VELAS 1470nm 15Watt laser
Accessories: Radial fiber, Guidewire, Catherter
Operation procedure:
(1) Laser preparation.
Connect 400 micro radial fiber, power 5W (30J/cm) in continuous mode, set the laser ready, check the red aiming beam.
(2)Patient treatment position: supine.
(3) Anesthesia options: epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia or local anesthesia.
(4) Choose the right groin incision of great saphenous vein, ligation and sew up the proximal vein end to heart and block the distalend vein end with the vessel forceps.
(5) Tie a tourniquet above the medial malleolus, find the great saphenous vein, use the 18G puncture needle(with the vein remaining needle) insert the great saphenous vein, get the needle out and leave the remaining needle, put the 0.035” 150cm guidewire into the remaining needle until to the roots of the great saphenous vein at the groin incision.
(6) Pull the puncture needle out and insert the 5F straight catheter through the guidewire until the groin incision.
(7) Get the guidewire out, insert the 400 micro fiber into the straight catheter till the end, pull the straight catheter 3mm-5mm back to keep space between the fiber end and the catheter end. Sew up the distal end vein end.
(8) Raise the patient’s leg 150 to 200 to drain off the blood in the vein. Release the laser, pull the fiber and catheter out together 0.5cm—1cm per second.
(9) Through the skin, check the position of fiber indicator according to the red beam light and press the red indicator to make fiber and vein in contact mode. Treat the entire saphenous vein slowly and get the fiber and catheter out when it is finished.
(10) Cut the 150cm guidewire and 90cm catheter to appropriate length to treat small saphenous vein and perforating vein.
(11) At least two weeks to dress the elastic bandages after surgery.
Postoperation Attention:
(1) Encourage patients to get out of bed in the first postoperative day.
(2) Intramuscular or intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis, a total of 3 to 5 days.
(3) Elastic bandage at least 14 days (different doctors may choose different bandage.
(4) Wear elastic stockings after 3 days later, totally 14 days to 2 months.
(5) Avoid limb hot baths, avoid strenuous physical exercise.
(6) Laser retreatment if recurrence of superficial varicose veins.
It is the intracellular water of the vein wall and the water content of blood that offer this opportunity for the 1470nm laser energy and therefore a better application to treat the varicose veins. Because the 1470-nm wavelength is preferentially absorbed by water 40 times more than a 980-nm wavelength, the 1470nm laser will minimize any post-operative pain and bruising and the patients will recovery quickly from the treatment to daily work.

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