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Clinical Application

980nm Diode Lasers in Oral and Facial Practice

Keywords: 980 nm Diode Laser, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, frenulectomy

Aim: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of a 980nm diode laser for the treatment of benign
facial pigmented and vascular lesions, and in oral surgery.
Materials and Methods: 20 patients were treated with a 980 nm diode laser.
Oral surgery: 5 patients (5 upper and lower frenulectomy). Fluence levels were 5-15 J/cm2;
pulse lengths were 20-60 ms; spot size was 1 mm.
Vascular lesions: 10 patients (5 small angiomas, 5 telangiectases). Fluences were 6-10 J/cm2;
pulse lengths were 10-50 ms; spot size was 2 mm. In all cases the areas surrounding the lesions
were cooled.
Pigmented lesions: 5 patients (5 keratoses). All the lesions were evaluated by dermatoscopy
before the treatment. Fluence levels were 7-15 J/cm2; pulse lengths were 20-50 ms; spot size
was 1 mm.
All the patients were followed at 1, 4 and 8 weeks after the procedure.
Results: Healing in oral surgery was within 10 days. The melanoses healed completely
within four weeks. All the vascular lesions healed after 15 days without any residual scarring.

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