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Clinical Application

Effect of diode laser coagulation treatment on grade III internal hemorrhoids

Keywords: Hemmorrhoids , diode laser, laser surgery


Objective : To evaluate the curative effects of diode laser coagulation on grade III internal hemorrhoids .
Methods : From March 2004 to December 2004,86 patients with grad III internal hemorrhoids were divided into two groups, received laser coagulation(laser group, n=64) or received hemorrhoidectomy (control group, n=40 ). Complications , symptom relief ,pain scores and satisfaction scores were compared between the two groups six months after operation.
Result : Pain scores were lower in laser group than that of the control group on the first day and seventh day after operation. Small amount of bleeding occourred in the laser group(12 cases) and control group(35cases), however,non of them required special hemostasis. Laser coagulation and closed hemorrhoidectomy were equally effective in controlling symptomatic prolapse. There was no difference in terms of continence scores and patients’ satisfaction between the two groups (P>0.05).
Concludion : Diode laser coagulation can be considered as a safe and effective procedure for the treatment of grade III hemorrhoids.

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