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Clinical Application

Laser photocoagulation treatment of hemorrhoids vaporization clinical study

Keywords: laser, vaporization, hemorrhoids

Objective: To evaluate laser vaporization of pure solidification method hemorrhoids treatment clinical efficacy. Methods: 83 patients underwent laser treatment for hemorrhoids and conduct effective analysis. Results: 83 patients with anal margin of postoperative edema subsided after 2 ~ 3 d, and healing, mixed hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids 5 ~ 6 d necrosis, 8 ~ 10 d healing. Conclusion: Laser treatment of
hemorrhoids effective, reliable, low preoperative preparation, surgery is simple, postoperative pain and light, less pain, is a safe and feasible method of treatment.
Hemorrhoid treatment after several hundred years of development, types have been varied, the treatment associated with an endless stream. We use laser vaporization solidification method to treat hemorrhoids, simple operation, operative time is short, minimally invasive technology, the patient less pain, fewer operative and postoperative bleeding, operative field clear, easy to miss lesions, relapse rate is low, the clinical efficacy of reliable, these are as follows.

Hemorrhoids surgery treatment for three degrees, four degrees internal hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoid, external hemorrhoids is still used in treatment of internal hemorrhoid ligation and stripping method is applied circular ring hemorrhoid hemorrhoidectomy, but the surgical treatment of large wounds, bleeding and more Yi infection, anal stenosis, fecal incontinence, urinary retention and other complications, which indications for surgery should be strictly controlled. With the in-depth understanding of the disease, new
treatments endless, mucosal protective agents (commonly used in anal suppositories for Carraghenates), infrared irradiation, copper ion electrochemical treatment [1] and the application of stapling device.

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