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Clinical Application

Endoscopic laser treatment under the care sinus cyst

Keywords: Endoscopic laser treatment

The group of 26 patients, including 15 males and 11 females, aged 33 to 71 years. Were confirmed by CT or MRI, pathology for the mucocele. Ethmoid cyst in 11 cases, frontal sinus cyst in 8 cases, 5 cases of sphenoid sinus cyst, 2 cases of cysts butterfly screen; paper sample of 24 cases of bone destruction, destruction of sella broke into the middle cranial fossa in 1 case. 26 patients were dizziness, headache, blurred vision, decreased visual acuity, eye shift. Surgery under local or general anesthesia. Ethmoid cyst: 0 ° endoscopic resection of the uncinate process, ethmoid bulla open, open, while fully exposed before and after the ethmoid anterior cyst wall, the semiconductor laser resection and bone wall to flush stoma. Sphenoid sinus cyst: 0 ° endoscopic laser ablation of the posterior part of the middle turbinate anterior sphenoid sinus exposure, locate the sphenoid sinus opening as a center around the laser ablation of sinus mucosa, point by point to bite than an open sinus bone, laser resection wall. Frontal sinus cyst: a thorough screening before opening fully open frontal sinus openings, in the 30 ° endoscope to the bottom wall of the frontal sinus expanding bite addition to bone, laser ablation of the wall. After all expansion foam packing, 48h after the extraction. Under the periodic dressing of conventional endoscopy, blood around the stoma clean scab, secretions, mucous membrane vesicles, and edema. Postoperative results were satisfactory, dizziness, headache, ocular symptoms improved significantly improve visual acuity in 20 cases, five cases of recurrence after reoperation, three cases of orbital hemorrhage after 1 week after treatment were cured. Follow up of 1 to 5 in both sinus drainage was adequate and no cyst recurrence.

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