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Clinical Application

The Diode Laser in an ENT Practice

Overall, the use of this diode laser has had a lasting positive impact on the surgical services I offer at my practice. First and foremost, it provides increased comfort for patients, allows them to return to work sooner, and minimizes unpleasant post‐operative side‐effects.

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Diode laser in uvulopalatopharyngoplasty

Clinical data: OSAS29 cases, the male 21, female 8 cases; 22 ~ 59 years old, with an average of 41 years. Sleep apnea index from 13 to 57, with an average 23; the lowest oxygen saturation 86% ~ 36%, an average of 70%. All patients were diagnosed by PSG for OSAS; clinical examination tonsil ≤ Ⅰ degrees, and some thick long uvula, and some thick uvula is not long, but the free edge of soft palate falls. 20 patients with moderate OSAS and severe in 9 cases.

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Clinical observation of the effect of semiconductor laser treatment on 39 case of vocal cords leukoplakia

To observe the effect of semiconductor laser treatment on vocal cords leukoplakia .Method: semiconductor laser is used to treat 39 patients with vocal cords leukoplakia., selected laser output parameters included contact or no contact, continuous mode, 5W power. Results: The effective rates are 100% for vocal cords leukoplakia without complications. Conclusions: semiconductor laser can be effectively applied to treat vocal cords leukoplakia.

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