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Clinical Application

Lasers in Endodontics

This paper describes and discusses the use of the Nd:YAG and diode lasers in endodontics. Clinical studies clearly show advantages of laser treatments over currently-used conventional methods and techniques. The most important advantages are improved disinfection efficacy, more effective root canal cleaning, reduction of permeability, reduction of micro-leakage, and elimination of the need to use toxic solvents.

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Diode Laser in the Root Canal Wall Dentin of Bovine Teeth

With a slice thickness of 100 μm and an increasing output, no difference worth mentioning could be observed in the log kill, as represented in Figure 1. With a slice thickness of 300μm [Fig. 2] and 500 μm [Fig. 3], one could reckon the log kill tending to increase when the output was raised. In contrast to this, a decrease of the log kill could be observed with a constant output and increasing slice thicknesses.

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Dental Enamel Irradiated with Infrared Diode Laser and Photoabsorbing Cream

Laser-induced reductions and modifications in the organic matrix were observed in this study, indicating that further studies are needed of the mechanisms of caries prevention in enamel treated with low-level laser therapy. Indeed, our study proposes that FT-Raman spectroscopy may be suitable for detecting compositional and structural changes in both the mineral and organic phases of lased enamel under cariogenic challenge.

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